Robert Stone is a pianist, guitarist, and singer and has worked over his music career as an artist, producer, songwriter, and DJ. 

     Robert also worked on the business side of music, publishing and editing the popular music trade magazine Dance Issue Magazine. 

   In 2007, Stone wrote the musical Bigger Fish To Fry, evolving into the musical production Rock On!, which played at the 45th St. Theater in Manhattan. 

   In 2014, Stone co-wrote the Christmas song Here On Christmas Day sang by Nashville artist Melissa DuVall, published by ManikTree Songs and picked up on Pandora radio. 

Now in 2018, Robert Stone is ready to entertain with covers of great standards and classic songs for the busy hotel and casino circuit that has prolifierated. "Casino's are the places to get into now. There's great competition, but I love the challenge". In addition, Robert plans on writing new material in 2019.